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Grant Program

The Island Park PTA, in partnership with the Mercer Island Schools Foundation [MISF], funds multiple grants each year to support our children and teachers at Island Park Elementary. Grants are intended to fund innovative projects and programs at the individual classroom level. The PTA grant fund awards grants that support getting kids out of their seats, out of their classroom, and working in a different format, materials or technology.

2017-2018 Grant application deadline is October 6, 2017. Teachers/staff can find the grant procedures, a grant calendar, and a universal grant application on the Mercer Island Schools Foundation website — Grant Information page.

By working together, our PTA and the MISF are able to streamline the grant application process. Anyone requesting funds from either the PTA, MISF, or both will complete a universal grant application. All grant applications are read, processed and sorted. Grant recipients are notified by the organization (PTA, MISF or the School District) best qualified and able to fund the project.

If you have questions regarding the Island Park PTA grant funds please contact Dawn Naye, co-treasurer, Island Park Elementary at treasurer@islandparkpta.org


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