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Community Fundraising

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Fundraising Goals/Where Your Money Goes

The 2016-2017 fundraising Ask Campaign goal of $134,000 is divided into two separate “buckets”: $59,000 for PTA General Operating Fund $75,000 for Learning Support                                                                   …

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Ask Campaign

Each fall, the Island Park PTA holds an Ask Campaign where families contribute money directly to fund student programs, curriculum enrichment and learning support at our school. Our 2017-2018 school year goal is to raise $134,000. This is equivalent to an annual donation of $275 per child. To see the breakdown of all that is funded by …

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Corporate Matching

Double Your Generous Donation! Did you know that many local companies have programs through which they will “match” the charitable contributions made by their employees? Your donations for Eagle Books, PTA Membership and PTA General Fund/Learning Support are tax deductible charitable contributions and eligible for corporate matching. Note:School Supplies & Student Fees are not tax deductible. …

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Grant Program

The Island Park PTA, in partnership with the Mercer Island Schools Foundation [MISF], funds multiple grants each year to support our children and teachers at Island Park Elementary. Grants are intended to fund innovative projects and programs at the individual classroom level. The PTA grant fund awards grants that support getting kids out of their seats, out …

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