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5th Grade Sweatshirts

The fifth grade sweatshirts are a Mercer Island tradition and a “must have” for your graduating fifth grader. Every year, the Mercer Island Elementary School PTAs collaborate to produce a fifth grade sweatshirt that has the names of all the graduating fifth grade students across the district. Not only do the fifth graders enjoy wearing the sweatshirt and signing each other’s sweatshirt, but it is also the sixth grade band uniform. So please make sure to order a sweatshirt for your fifth graders to avoid disappointed children.

  • Color: TBD based on feedback from PTA team members from all four schools. For the last few years, the sweatshirts have been grey.
  • Size Chart: (Chest Measurement) Youth Large (30/32), Adult Small (34/36), Adult Medium (38/40), Adult Large (42/44), Adult XL (46/48)
  • Last name printed on the back  (Note: If you know your child has the same last name as another student, you can request to have a first initial added. E.g., H Thomas. This will not be done automatically.)
  • Full name printed on the front in very tiny font (Note: allkids from all elementary schools are printed on the front. You can opt out of having the last name on the back, the full name on the front, or both. Please pay close attention to these options when you complete the Fees/Ask form online.
  • A lot of kids will opt to have their friends sign the back of their sweatshirts

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