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Room Parent

We are so glad you have volunteered for Room Parent. Once all hands are raised, we will work with teachers to finalize the room parents.  Be warned – some classes will have many parents wanting to take on the role.  If that’s the case for your class, then it’s possible the teacher might do a little lottery to choose just a few room parents for the job.  And some classes might just have one or two raised hands for this awesome role.  If that’s the case for your class, then get ready to jump in!!

We will also have a sign up at the Island Park Opening Coffee Day on the first day of school.  To be inclusive of all the working parents/families, we wanted to ensure a way to sign up for all.

Island Park is committed to being environmentally responsible and that includes our classroom parties. We have switched to reusable party supplies to significantly reduce the amount of trash created. You will find the reusable party supplies in the PTA closet.

Stay tuned for information about the Room Parent informational meeting after school starts. If your dreams come true and you are a room parent, you’ll need to be at this meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Hall or Lea Reule our Room Parent Coordinators.

Room Parent Class Fund Reimbursement Process

Receipts will be required and please consolidate your requests where possible as we have one amazing volunteer who is writing all the checks!   Ideally limit to one request per party. Please contact the room parent coordinator with any questions. The room parent can request reimbursement using the form found here:

Reimbursement Request form


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