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PTA Chairs

If you have any questions about Island Park, the PTA, activities, events or programs, please do not hesitate to contact one of the PTA volunteers below.  Also, if you are interested in getting involved in any of these programs or events, send us an email or sign-up online!



PTA Email Address

President Lesley Poole president@islandparkpta.org
President Elect Mindy Rowe presidentelect@islandparkpta.org
Secretary Jamie Huynh secretary@islandparkpta.org
Co-Treasurer Dawn Naye treasurer@islandparkpta.org
Co-Treasurer Sean Vegeler treasurer@islandparkpta.org
Co-VP Fundraising Pam Hinnen fundraising@islandparkpta.org 
Island Books Brunch & Browse Becky McKanna rmdobby@aol.com
Elizabeth Kaplan elizakaplan@hotmail.com
Spring Party & Auction OPEN
Box Tops OPEN
Movie Night Ashleigh Dickinson ashrob@me.com 
Co-VP Communications Carol Kuo communications@islandparkpta.org
Co-VP Communications Sarah LeClercq communications@islandparkpta.org
Directory Katie Penny Shea directory@islandparkpta.org
Editor, Eagle E-News Rebecca Moyle-Croft editor@islandparkpta.org
Yearbook Zander Doroski yearbook@islandparkpta.org
Bulletin Board/Display Case Amber Gribble amberlrose30@yahoo.com
Allie Switaj allie.switaj@gmail.com
Facebook Rebecca Moyle-Croft editor@islandparkpta.org
Website – Webmaster Bryan Hart webmaster@islandparkpta.org
Website – Content Trudi Hoogenboom trudihoogenboom@gmail.com
Advocacy Rep Jennifer Flood advocacy@islandparkpta.org
VP Student Services Rachel Drake studentservices@islandparkpta.org
Elizabeth Laughlin studentservices@islandparkpta.org
Room Parent Coordinators Heather Hall hem_510@hotmail.com
Lea Reule lea.guerra@gmail.com
5th Grade Celebration Kristi Mehal kb1487@att.com
Katelyn Dolence katelyndolence@yahoo.com
Copy Corps Hilary Smith Doroski hilpsmith@yahoo.com
5th Grade Sweatshirts Ingrid Killian ingkillian@gmail.com
Staff Services/Appreciation Kim Chou teamchou@yahoo.com
Jennifer Rosenwald jennrosie@gmail.com
Eaglewear (spirit wear) Mindy Rowe spiritwear@islandparkpta.org
Library Volunteer Coordinator Dawn Dunn dawn.dunn@gmail.com
Vision/Hearing Screening Hilary Smith Doroski hilpsmith@yahoo.com
VP Enrichment Shelly Johnson enrichment@islandparkpta.org
VP Enrichment Jessica Crump enrichment@islandparkpta.org
Art Docent Sue Gundy suegundy@gmail.com
Learning Garden Docent OPEN
Reflections Rosa Teorell bluelegos@outlook.com
Fine Arts Showcase Tracy Richardson
Science Fun Night OPEN
Co-VP Community Outreach Andrea Simpson  community@islandparkpta.org
Co-VP Community Outreach Alex Hart  community@islandparkpta.org
New Family Chair Dawn Dunn dawn.dunn@gmail.com
Opening Day Coffee Christine DeMuro christinedemuro@outlook.com
Pooja Singh poojsingh@yahoo.com
New Family Coffee Dawn Dunn dawn.dunn@gmail.com
Back to School Bash Ellen King ellenhking@gmail.com
Jill Simmons jillsimmons64@yahoo.com
Tara Reimers tarareimers@gmail.com
International Night Nancy Coupe coupenancy@hotmail.com
Ching-Mang Chang cmndave@comcast.net
Bingo Night Robyn Baron robynneal@hotmail.com
Les Baron les_baron@yahoo.com
Eagle Hop Julian Bradley julianbradley@gmail.com
Steps for School OPEN
Parent Edge Reps Cara Perla caraperla@hotmail.com
IP Ultimate Guide Maria Santulli maria.m.santulli@nordstrom.com


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